Amina WordPress Theme

Amina WordPress Theme

Put together the things you like

Amina is an amazing theme that lets you put together all things you like. Extremely stable, fast, responsive, SEO optimized and stuffed with great options.  We tried to somehow reproduce the brilliant Pinterest layout with keeping our original ideas like ads management, stick to fold square banner, related posts sections or sharing options.

Amina: Theme Installation
Auto install: in your WordPress backend (admin), go to Appearance/Themes/Install Themes and click the “upload” link. Browse your files and select the archive that contains the theme. Click “Install Now” and wait for some seconds. Your theme is ready to be activated.

Manual install: access your server through cPanel or other admin panel provided by your host. Go to the “Themes” folder and there upload and then decompress the archived theme. Go to WordPress admin and select Appearance/Themes – you’ll see the Amina Theme right there. Activate it.

Theme updates: wait for our official updates. We will announce all the buyers when we release new versions of this theme. The update procedure is pretty simple, consisting in overwriting all the files contained in the theme folder. Do not worry, when updates will come, you’ll be noticed.

Amina: General Setup
You have to arrange your theme a little bit. It’s something normal with every WordPress Theme. A new logo, the tracking code, a custom pattern and so on.

Logo: in the Amina Framework, go to General Settings. Select “Plain Text” if you want your logo to be a simple text – your website name. Upload a fancy .png image at 145px x 30px if you want a graphic logo (recommended for better impact, branding, user interaction). Why this size? Well, the heightin that top bar is limited and we wanted to keep everything simple.

Favicon: a favicon is a little image that will appear in all browser windows and tabs. Is recommended to have one, so make a nice .png or .gif image at 16px x 16px and upload it in General Settings/Favicon.

Tracking Code: whether you use Google Analytics or something similar, paste the tracking code in General Settings/Tracking Code/ and then save your changes. In Google Analytics, click on a profile, then select the desired website, find the Tracking Code section and copy it from there. Easy job.

Fixed Top Bar: We developed a fixed top bar that appears when you scroll down a little bit. This bar will remain visible on scroll and it contains share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Pinterest, a search box and buttons for post navigation. It’s highly recommended to keep the bar activated!

Background: the default background has a nice pattern but if you need/want something else, simply go to Styling Options/Custom Background Pattern/ and upload there your pattern. Click save and refresh your website.

Homepage Setup: the homepage (also called index) shows your last posts or a custom page. Our Amina theme will show the latest posts in a mansory style, in cool variable columns depending on your system resolution. In WordPress admin, you can select how many posts you want the index to contain (go to Settings/Reading).

Pagination: We created an infinite load as seen on popular websites and this mode is our recommendation. However, a “Load More” button is optional, or even the classic Prev and Next button. Choose what you really like by going to Amina framework in Post Options/Pagination.

Read more tag: be careful, a single box from your homepage can show a part of your article or your entire post. In the WordPress post editor, there is a tag called <more>. Insert this after a few lines of text to limit the amount of info shown on homepage and to keep the general look.

Amina: custom features
We at ThemeCeption developed many features to help you. Let’s see them all.

SEO: each post contains in the default WP editor a custom box for search engine optimization. Here you can insert your custom title, some keywords, the meta description, and you can also deactivate robots or indexing. No need for extra plugins for the SEO part, we guarantee that the whole website is perfectly created to be easily indexed by every search engine.

Fixed top bar: as we already mentioned, the fixed top bar contains share buttons for the most popular social platforms, a search box and buttons for post navigation. The bar will show up automatically on scroll down. We highly recommend you to activate it, to keep the best look for your website.

Related posts with thumbnails in sidebar: this is a custom widget developed by us. You can find it in the widgets section. This widgets will show a specific number of related posts, all with thumbnails for the best visual experience. Do not worry, every thumb is a different small image generated automatically, no big images scaled and fitted there – this assures better loading times and smaller sizes for the whole page. Choose your number of related posts to be shown and save the widget. Admire the posts in your sidebar, in the desired position (rearrange with drag&drop)

Pin on image Hover: Go to Amina framework and access Post Options. There, activate Pinterest on Image Hover. When a user will hover the image with the cursor, a pin button will appear and the exact image will be selected to be pinned, with the main title and the desired description.

Slidebox: we created this because it is used on thousands of blogs. When a user reaches the bottom of a post, a box will slide in the bottom right corner, with the default option of liking/following/subscribing to your blog (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest Pages, Twitter account, RSS feed or e-mail Newsletter)

Ads Management: why wasting precious time installing ad tags in your code? In our Amina framework, go to Blog Banners section and paste your codes for the top leaderboard (728px x 90px), square ads (300px x 250px) in different places in sidebar or button ads (125px x 125px) in sidebar. Control the position of your square ads with the help of the widgets (Place a “Square 300x250px ad” widget in sidebar with drag&drop).

Blog general share: Users can like/follow/subscribe to your RSS, newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Pinterest pages in two ways: with the “Like Us” widget and with the slidebox that pops in the right bottom. Go to “Blog Social Share” in Amina framework and insert your Twitter username and links to your official Facebook, G+ and Pinterest pages, and also links to RSS and e-mail

Newsletter. To activate the slidebox, go to “Post options” in our framework and check the “Post sliding box option”. Save the changes.

Floating box: many websites have floating boxes that contain ads or other elements (see We decided to make a floating box with a 300px x 250px ad to increase overall impact and earnings. Go to “Post options” and activate the post floating box option. In the Banner section, paste the code for a 300px x 250px ad in the floating box special section. Save your changes and refresh the blog page; a floating banner will appear in your sidebar. Please note that this will be the last element in sidebar. It will also stop floating when footer is reached, for the best experience.

Keyboard navigation: yes, we made that, too. In Post Options section, go to keyboard navigation and assign keys for next/previous posts, for homepage return and also for share (share specific platforms will load in popup pages). To let your users know about keyboard control, create a simple text widget and place it in the sidebar.

Custom pattern for background: choose a pattern to modify the background. Yes, you can upload (Go to Styling Options) a big background too, it will work as a cover to fill all screen.

Like Us widget: as already mentioned, you can place a simple widget in your sidebar, to let your visitors like/follow/subscribe to your website. You need to complete the Blog Share Options section in our framework. Drag and drop the “Like Us” widget in your preferred position in sidebar.