#1 WordPress Statistics Plugin

Do you want to track how many visitors you have, where they come from and what they do on your site? Than Easy Stats PRO is the right choice for you!

Metro-style Dashboard

All top website factors like Online Visitors, Page Views, Most Popular Pages, Active Users, Top Referrers, Top Countries & Cities, and many others represented on clean and modern metro blocks in one place!
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Advanced Statistics Filter

Too much information on the Dashboard? No problem! Included is a simple but powerful data filter which lets you filter 10 different tables from the database, between any dates you wan’t, and show unlimited amount of results.

Improve your Users Experience

We all know the good old saying “Content, content, content” -We agree, it’s all about content! But what kind of content? Easy Stats allows you to see what types of links your website visitors are viewing the most! Why is this important? When you know what type of content your users enjoy the most, than you can keep providing that type of content. Give them what they won’t, it’s as simple as that.

Google map of Your users

Easy Stats has been cooked with attention to website visitors and their sensitive information. The main ingredients are PHP Geo Plugin & AppTools Browser detector with a little bit of Google Maps spice on top of it, for eye-catching world wide visitors map. Bon Appétit…

Custom Settings

You can choose the time frame for Easy Stats PRO to automatically check your website for visitors and refresh the statistics. The default is set to 5000 ms, but you can set any number you want as long as it’s bigger than 3000 ms (3 seconds).

Geolocation and geocoding technology

Geolocation and geocoding technology on the web is locating your visitor in the world, down to the city they are in, based on their IP address, also known as IP Location. Easy Stats uses geoPlugin & GeoLite database from MaxMind – which are among the fastest Geo-locators on the web. This makes Geolocating your visitors a pieace of cake and doesn’t affect your website loading speed at all!

… and even more amazing features

Powerful Dashboard

  • Realtime Visitors counter
  • Total Page Views
  • Unique Visitors
  • Most Popular Pages
  • Most Popular Page Terms
  • Most Active users (sorted by id)
  • Top Operating Systems
  • Top User Browsers
  • Top Screen sizes
  • Top Referals
  • Top Countries
  • Top Cities
  • and Refresh Interval feature

All Visitors List

  • Visited Page
  • User Avatar
  • Action taken
  • Date and Time
  • Visit Duration
  • Device icons
  • Location
  • Referer link
  • Unique or not
  • Landing number

Statistics Filter

  • Filter for URL
  • Users
  • OS
  • Browser Type
  • Screen size
  • Referer Domain
  • City
  • Country
  • Link Type
  • Show exact no of items
  • Date picker