WordPress 4.6 Beta version has been released. I follow the development of WordPress developer stating the final version of WordPress 4.6 has been released in August 16, 2016. In this article, I will review some of the new features of WordPress 4.6

Streamlined Updates

When users install a plugin or a new theme, or an update, it will usually redirect to the installation page. The installation is quite disturbing because the addition of a special page.
WordPress 4.6 is scheduled to have a feature where users can update and install plugins or themes without redirected to the installation page. Also you will stay on the same screen while you update, install, and delete your plugins and themes..

Native System Fonts in WordPress Admin Area

During this time WordPress using Open Sans Font in WordPress admin area, to give the impression consistent. It means wordpress require third-party sources to meet those needs. Thus increasing the access time admin area, which would result in access speed.Well on wordpress 4.6, admin area will use the font of the system is running. That is, the font wordpress admin area will vary depending on each platforms.This he sightings wordpress admin area on the Safari browser on MacOS which uses the system font San Francisco.
Here is the system font used in the WordPress 4.6 admin area on each of the platforms environment.
• apple-system for Safari and Firefox on MacOS and iOS
• Helvetica Neue on MacOS prior to 10:11
• BlinkMacSystemFont for Google Chrome on MacOS
• Segoe UI for Windows
• Roboto for Android and Chrome OS
• Oxygen-Sans for KDE
• Ubuntu for Ubuntu
• Cantarell for GNOME
• sans-serif, the standard fallback
This change only affects the UI elements WordPress admin area. This change will not affect the content areas such as post editor who will be using the corresponding font in the template used in the stylesheet editor.

Editor Improvements in 4.6

Most WordPress users spend much time at the post editor in comparison with other pages. Increase the convenience of doing post-editing has always been a priority in every release of WordPress.

Improved Auto Save Feature

The WordPress editor has an autosave function that runs approximately every 15 seconds. In WordPress 4.6, the developers have made this recovery feature a lot more user-friendly. Now, if you do something like refresh the page without saving, you’ll see a much more user-friendly notice that gives the option to restore the data you forgot to save. Recovering saved content is even easier with WordPress 4.6.

Highlighting Broken Links

When you use the visual editor to write a post, and then you add the URL is damaged, it will be highlighted.
As soon as you add a link, wordpress will check the validity of links. If you hover over a linked text, you will see a link in blue, whereas if the broken link will be red.