With a Extended license you can include our WordPress plugins in your premium themes (a “premium theme” is simply a theme that you sell on a marketplace like ThemeForest). However packaging the plugin for distribution with your theme will require a bit of work. Here is the process we recommend:

  1. Create your theme and use the PHP template tag to include statistics/popups/preloaders in your template code. Remember the slugs you use in your template as you will need them later.
  2. We recommend you use the TGM Plugin Activation class to actually package the plugin with your theme. This class allows users to activate plugins that have been packaged with the theme. Follow this tutorial to see how to achieve this.
  3. Finally, in your theme documentation, tell the users to create statistics/popups/preloaders with the same name as the slugs you have used in your template code. So for example, if you have used the popup template tag fly_popups( "my-popup" ); the user must create a popup with the title “My Popup”. Then their created popup will appear in the correct location.