Blogging has now become a popular thing to do. Many people, especially the young generation, use their blogs to share stories, pictures, experiences, or things related to their hobbies. Despite such facts, little that they know that they can actually earn a lot of extra cash through their blogs. In fact, some blogs have been valued at around $250,000. Crazy, isn’t it?  Well, if you are interested in finding out how you can earn that amount of money from your blog, below are the ways leading you to the treasure.

1. Sales
Blogs with loyal visitors can gain income by selling products or services, such as books, software, accessories, coaching, counselling, online tutoring, etc. Mind, though, that what you sell should be related to the topic of your blog. Otherwise, people might not consider you a professional and, honestly, uploading random posts without any clear guidelines might lead people to believe that your blog is not that reliable.

2. Membership
If you think your blog provides high-quality content, you make it exclusive for your members. Classify your blog content based on qualities and offer several types of membership. In that way, both you and your members can get what is deserved. For those who are not willing to spend any money, you can provide freemium, which means that you give some quality content to your members for free as long as they sign up to your blog. It should be noted, though, this free membership is actually beneficial for both the members and you as the blog owner. In this way, you can collect emails to do some marketing.

3. Google AdSense
It is a program designed by Google to allow you (as a blog owner) to earn money by simply exhibiting targeted Google ads on your blog. Not only does it provide a way to collect extra cash, it also adjusts the look of the ads to match your blog theme. In addition, this program is free and does not need any maintenance. Well, what’s there to lose?

4. Sponsored reviews & paid posts
Nowadays, it is quite common for companies to hire bloggers to write sponsored reviews and upload paid posts. In this case, they can share some peoples’s (good) experiences using their products or services and promote those stories to targeted audience.

5. Affiliation
It means that you promote and sell other people’s products to your blog viewers. Normally, you will be paid a certain amount of money once a product is sold. To be able to do this, you simply need to check if the manufacturers of the products that you mention in your blog review have this kind of affiliate program. If they do, then you can sign up and use the affiliate link.

6. Ads
It is very common to find a blog with so many banner ads and text links offering various goods and services to its viewers. All you have got to do to earn money from those ads is providing advertising space, maintaining your blog traffic, and charging those who would like to use the ad space to promote their products or services (related to the focus of your blog, of course) a fixed fee or cost per click.

7. Email marketing
It is considered more effective than social media as this allows you to directly advertise various products and services to future buyers or customers. The more email subscribers you have, the more profit you are likely to get. That is why it is suggested that you immediately make a list of your email contacts.

8. Build up or renew a blog and sell it
If you are the type of a person who is patient and does not mind undergoing a pretty long process to earn money, in fact you can try building up a blog or buying a blog which has been vastly neglected and operated, then “nurturing” or “renewing” it until it has quite a lot of devoted viewers. Once you have captured people’s attention, you can sell the blog at a profitable price.

All in all, eight ways to make your blog profitable have been presented. You can now choose the one(s) going along with your vision and start picking up the cash.