One of the main key to a website’s success is domain name, it is absolutely necessary that you use a good quality domain name for your site, something that can be remembered easily. A domain name is like an address and the website is like the house, with that said if you need someone to find your house/site you need to have an address, one that is easily remembered, one that stands out in the visitor’s mind.

Generic Domain
Everyone wants a great generic domain name. Some companies even paid ridiculously high prices to get the name they want. Domain names like or  are great keywords because they instantly provide the user with an idea of what business is all about, what to expect and what to look in a site. If you can’t get a 1 word generic then try and find 2 or 3 word ones that are relevant to the subject you are searching. Like Website Review – Or if you operate in a local business consider adding your city or state locality to your domain name. For example, if you cell phones in Texas, a possible domain name would be

Long or Short
Some say that short domains are better while some are more into long domains, but it’s all up to you and your preference because they both have their advantages and disadvantages, it all depends on if you market your site effectively. However it is recommended that you don’t make your domain name get over 46 characters because this is hard to remember due to its enormous length.

Domain Extensions
Your domain name is made up of two parts: your “domainname” followed by a “dot extension” or TLD (top level domain). Most business owners will register their domain name with one or all three of the most popular extensions: .com, .net, and .org.  However, there are many other domain name extensions that could be appropriate to your website content including .info, .biz, .mobi, .tv, etc.

Copyright Infringement
This is a mistake that isn’t made too often, but can be very serious and ruin a great company when it does. You can use the online search function of the US Copyright Office if you have doubts about copyright issues for a particular domain name.

In Conclusion:
Your domain name should be easy to remember and memorable. It should be suggestive of your business category or related to your business, it should be unique, easy to interpret and pronounce, should be personalized, and not difficult to spell. But whatever method you use for choosing a domain name, there are always exceptions to the rule. Think about ,, Their name is now their brand, but it was the one that had to be built from scratch.