In May 2016 we’ve updated all of our plugins, making them WordPress 4.5 compatible. In the latest version of our plugins we’ve added localisation support, which means that the plugins have the ability to work in different languages without any changes or customisations to the code. It’s one of the abilities that WordPress plugins have, once you add all the different things in place for it to happen.

If you’re looking to translate some of our plugins into your respective language, here’s how you can do it. First of all, you need to download the plugin which you want to translate to your language and extract the archive. Inside the main folder you will find the “languages” or “localization” folder (depending on the plugin you want to translate). Inside this folder you will see (a minimum of) two files: one that ends with .po and other one with .mo

Open the .po file with Po Editor, Notepad++ or a regular MS Notepad and change the words to your language.

E.g. Open the “easy-stats-EN.po” (where EN stands for English), change the words to your language, lets say Serbian, and afterwords save it as “easy-stats-RS.po” (where RS stands for Republic of Serbia).

Using the translation

Once you’ve prepared a translation file for a particular language you can upload it via FTP to the locales/ folder in the plugin. The correct folder location is wp-content/plugins/PLUGIN-NAME-HERE/languages/

We’d love to include your work in future versions of our plugins so that other users can make use of the plugin using the translation YOU created.

Please send us your translations and in return you’ll get a backlink from the plugin page. Go Translating!