We’ve updated the Fly Popups WordPress plugin, so, lets see whats new in version 3.0, shall we..

The plugin was redesigned and rewritten from the scratch. But why?

Version 1.0 -which was realised on 23 September 15, was having one major disadvantage: It used the style of the theme for styling the popups. Also, some of our customers reported that Fly Popups don’t behave well on wordpress installations running premium WordPress themes.

Lets’ take a look at some screenshots for the v3.0:

What’s added to the plugin (Changelog):

  • 40+ CSS3 based animation effects
  • Multiple popup themes added
  • Set location on screen where your popup should be displayed
  • Change popup background and colors
  • Aweber, MailCHimp and MadMimi integration
  • Image & Newsletter popups supported