Websites and pictures seem to be inseparable. Many website owners may feel like their blogs are incomplete without the presence of stacks of pictures. No wonder, gallery plugins have become essential in producing good sites. As WordPress is the most commonly used blog host, we will firstly discuss the most sophisticated gallery plugins that plugin developer provides for free.

The first one is NextGen Gallery. This plugin is definitely popular considering that it has been downloaded by millions of people. In addition, it is equipped with various features, which makes it really useful in many ways. For example, you can upload images, slide shows and image browsers through your computer and then create several different gallery albums to classify the pictures uploaded. Other than that, the description, name, tags and the page linked to the picture can be modified as you wish. To have more than those basic features, you need to have the pro version of the plugin.

The second plugin is Envira Gallery. This plugin allows you to create beautiful responsive photo gallery and video gallery for your WordPress site in minutes. By using easy to use drag and drop builder, you can upload your photos, rearrange them, and basically create an image gallery in 5 minutes or less.

The third plugin is called WP Lightbox 2. This is an WordPress lightbox tool for adding responsive lightbox effect for your website images and also create lightbox effect for album/gallery photos on your WordPress blog. Just install and sit back. This plugin enable image overlay Lightbox effect for all the images in your WordPress website. Also our WP Lightbox 2 plugin allow you to configure the lightbox settings.

The fourth plugin is called Photo Gallery. Should you feel like showing your albums in different ways, this plugin may just be the right thing for you. Offering various views, this Photo Gallery has made it possible for you to use thumbnails, slideshow, albums including both the compact and extended versions, and display for commercial use, to exhibit your galleries.

The fifth plugin is called Lazyest Gallery. This gallery basically needs just two settings: Your image directory and your gallery page. Lazyest Gallery automatically creates a photo gallery with folders, sub folders, thumbnail pages and slide shows.

Last but not least, it is WP Photo Album Plus, a plugin that is easy to use. With a single click, you can run the slideshow version of your photos. With its sidebar widget, you can have a rating system and provide a search box so that your blog visitors can find pictures they are looking for in no time. In addition, this plugin does not limit the number of albums and photos you upload and their sizes.

Which is your favorite WordPress gallery plugin? Let us know by commenting below.