WordPress is one of the most used content management systems on the internet where many people use to build professional looking, highly customized blogs without having to spend years learning to code. WordPress is coded in PHP, and its an open source, so you can changes or develope it. But if you want to developing plugin or themes for WordPress, ofcourse you need to have knowledge of PHP.

There are many site where you can learn everything about wordpress, and we will mention the best websites that will help you learn how to use WordPress. In this article, we will try to share 6 resources that you can use as a source for learning WordPress. So lets see!!

1. WordPress.org
The number one site that you can access for learning WordPress is WordPress,org. As an original site from WordPress, you can find lot of things there, started from kinds of plugins, themes, and any other knowledge about blogging in WordPress.  These lessons go over all the basics, (theme, customizing the site, pages and menus, posts, even instructions on how to update a blog using your phone). So you can learn about it quick and easy. There also includes a page that explains about the lingo associated with webpages and blogs so that even beginners can quickly dive into the world of blogging without feeling completely lost.

2. Woo Themes
This resource firstly made by the three of the users of WordPress as their own blog. It is created purposely to enrich their experiences in choosing themes in WordPress. Finally, now, it has become an international site that provides lots of themes options, and also several suitable plugins, that, of course, can extend your blogging experiences.

3. The Ultimate Hosting Guide
Talking about web hosting, it means that we also talk about very complicated things behind our internet activities. By using a trusted web hosting, it can avoid your own blog from viruses and also hackers’ attack. Since this is very complicated to learn, by accessing this site, you can learn it step by step.

4. WPBeginner
WP Beginner has a set of curated and a long list of videos that one can watch and learn WordPress for free! This is a great resource for a person who is trying to learn WordPress using the do-it-yourself way by trying things out by themselves.
WP Beginner has an A-Z covering of WordPress. The main website provides some of the best and top quality WordPress related tutorials and other content in a textual manner.

5. WPKube
WpKube is a site that focuses more on the development of your personal blog. You can find lots of connection that you can access from your personal WordPress blog. WpKube has become a fairly popular for people looking to learn more about WordPress. Not only that, WpKube also has a good amount of exclusive deals and coupons for WordPress users.

6. WPMayor
WP Mayor was founded in 2010 by Jean Galea, a WordPress developer and digital nomad. Since then, the site has grown significantly. WP Mayor specializes in WordPress plugin, theme and service reviews, but you’ll also see interesting tutorials, news and opinion pieces from time to time.