WordPress portfolio plugin is a simple and functional plugin that lets you create a page on your site for displaying portfolio items. You can add details to each item, such as screenshots, a description, URL, technologies used, and date of completion.

The plugins listed below are 7 of the best WordPress portfolio plugins available. They are packed with useful features and are simple to use. Many of them are free, and all of them will catch the eye of potential clients.

Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery helps you demonstrate all that you can do through beautiful, cleanly-organized portfolio project and subject galleries. In images, YouTube or Vimeo videos, and formatted text, you present examples of your best portfolio in neatly categorized, sortable sets.The interface is intuitive and looks great with any WordPress theme.

One downside is that the base plugin is free but most of the plugin features are locked and are available with the paid version.

Career Portfolio

This is one of an amazing and powerful WordPress portfolio plugin designed to help you display your portfolio projects, works, clients or team members in an elegant style. The free version comes with one layout style and one full-screen viewer style, which is good if you’re looking for a simple portfolio.

Aeolus Creative Portfolio

Aeolus is a beautiful portfolio plugin that displays your portfolio in an eye-catching way. The portfolios are fully responsive and the plugin supports unlimited colors for customization. You can add the portfolio anywhere on your website by using a shortcode and It is easy to add items to your portfolio. If you like the parallax showcase, this is the portfolio plugin for you.

Easy Media Gallery

Easy Media Gallery is one of the best gallery plugin for wordpress designed to display various media such as grid gallery, galleries, photo albums, multiple photo albums, photo gallery or image gallery/photo slider, photo gallery with pagination, image slider, image carousel, etc. This plugin is user-friendly, allowing you to add items with just a few clicks.

Nimble Portfolio

Nimble Portfolio is a powerful and feature-rich portfolio plugin for WordPress users. The plugin lets you add posts, pages, custom post types (including WooCommerce products), images, and videos to a gallery. This is a user-friendly and a responsive plugin so it would work perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes.

Easy Portfolio

Easy Portfolio plugin is a wordpress plugin designed to create interactive portfolio functionality with category filteration in to your wordpress website. Easy Portfolio plugin can be linked with very ease and with no hard understanding. Easily add new projects, create categories, and add details to projects, including descriptions, URLs and images.

WordPress Portfolio Plugin

A plugin that allows you to quickly and easily show off your portfolio of websites on your wordpress blog with automatically generated thumbnails. Inserting a portfolio into a page is as easy as pasting a shortcode. If you want to display screenshots of your websites dynamically, you will need to create an account with Shrink the Web. However, if you create screenshots yourself there’s no need for an account.