For having a good website is important, but you also need to know what is needed for the purpose of your website. Although Hosting providers already provide the best service and the best tools that can be used to manage the website

The tips are as follows:

  • Conduct periodic updates, this can help improve the comfort of the visitors of your website. like the latest article updates regularly to attract visitors and they will leaves an impression on the blog page of your website. Don’t forget to regularly update and correct the About Us page Terms of Service in accordance with applicable law.
  • Take your time to upgrade the speed of your website, maybe when your website visitor is already too much then your website often seem long for Loading. the right tips to speed up the performance of your website can be as minimizing the graphics on each page of the website or reduce a file displayed.

Being the most popular CMS in the world, WordPress has thousands of plugins that can be used by anyone in their WordPress. Including to improve the access speed of the WordPress website visitors. Even though some peoples say, some plugins don’t give a great effect, it makes website more slowly. But this doesn’t happen when you are using 10 plugin this option to improve speed WordPress. What are they?

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache Plugin










W3 Total Cache plugin is one of the most widely used in WordPress. Caching is well used to further lighten the work of a website in retrieving and displaying information ordered. With the W3 Total Cache plugin we could easily get reduced page load time and improvement in user experience and Search Engine Optimization. Trusted by many popular sites including: AT&T, Mashable, Smashing Magazine, WPBeginner, and millions others.

GTMetrix for WordPress

GTMetrix Plugin









As we know, GTMetrix has a function to monitor how quickly our website when accessed. With GTMetrix we can analyze the performance of our website. Starting from the time of opening, the page size to the number of requests and links the complete report. With GTMetrix Plugin for WordPress, you can add this plugin API in your website. And monitor daily, weekly, or monthly. GTMetrix can be directly installed on your WordPress dashboard.

BJ Lazy load

BJ Lazy Load PLugin








This is especially for blog that accommodate a lot of images. The idea is to load images and other related resources when the user is closer to the viewport during scrolling. It offers support for images, thumbnails, iframes, Gravatar images and much more.








WP-Optimize is WordPress’s most-installed optimization plugin. With it, you can clean up your database easily and safely, without manual queries or using PhpMyAdmin. Removing all this unnecessary data can significantly reduce your database size which speeds up your backup process and can add minor performance improvements as well.

But what do you think? What plugins or tools do you use on your site, if any? Is it a priority for you? Or do you achieve better site speed through other methods? In any case, I’d love to hear your input so feel free to comment below!